Any reference to ‘Fund’ in this Policy is a reference to any of the funds that CIRT administers from time to time.

Board Members and Staff

The Fund’s Board Members and staff must treat as strictly confidential:

  • Any confidential information on members/employers or workers/employers held by the Fund’s office (the Fund’s Records); and
  • any confidential communications from others regarding the Fund’s Records

The Fund’s Staff (other than Nominated Staff) must only have access to the Fund’s Records as required to carry out their duties under their conditions of employment.

Only Nominated Staff are permitted to provide information about the Fund’s Records to third parties. That information must only be provided in accordance with this Policy.

Information which is of a general nature about the Fund and does not relate to the Fund’s Records may be provided to persons and organizations by the Fund’s Staff.

The Fund’s Staff must exercise flexibility, discretion and care in dealing with all requests for information. If in doubt, Fund’s Staff must consult a Nominated Staff person.

Provision of information regarding the fund’s records

Information regarding the Fund’s Records must only be provided to third parties by Nominated Staff and in accordance with this Policy.

On request made in writing, members/employers or workers/employees may obtain any information held about their respective Fund Records, but only to the extent that the information relates specifically and only to them. Where information relates to an individual who has made a request under this clause and also to another individual, the information must be made available in a form that does not reveal any other individual’s personal or confidential information.

On request, members, principal contractors, union officials and officers of employer associations may be provided with information regarding the registration and contribution status (only) of a member/employer or worker/employee specified in the request, provided that any individual whose information is to be made available has consented to such information being provided in those circumstances or would reasonably expect CIRT to make the information available in the circumstances.

On request, on behalf of a member/employer or worker/employee, union officials and officers of employer organisations may be given the same information that the member/employer or worker/employee could obtain about themselves, if and only if, the person making the request has the written authorisation of the member/employer or worker/employee concerned.

On request, representatives of members/employers may be told the amount of that particular employee’s entitlement to redundancy payments provided that the member has the written authorisation of the relevant employee.

Managment of personal information

A member/employer, or worker/employee will only be given access to their respective Fund Records after providing sufficient evidence of their identity, so that the Fund is reasonably able to determine that they are the person to whom the request relates. This will usually be by producing photo identification such as a driver’s license, where practicable, although information may be provided over the telephone where the circumstances require. Fund’s Staff will only provide information over the telephone after making reasonable enquiries to satisfy themselves as to the identity of the person making the request.

All Funds’ Records held in paper form are maintained in lockable filing cabinets when not in use, until destruction.

All computers on which the Fund’s Records are stored are located in secure rooms to which access is limited to persons on the Fund’s staff who have a need to access such equipment.

Access to the Fund’s Records stored electronically is limited to Fund’s staff that have a need to access such information for the purpose of fulfilling their respective duties.

External access to the computers on which the Fund’s Records are stored is not available by means of the Internet. The Fund has implemented appropriate firewalls in respect of Internet access to the Fund’s computer system.

Use and disclosure of personal information

Fund’s Records will be used and disclosed in accordance with this Policy and with the Fund’s Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available from the Fund or at


The information contained in the Fund’s Records is based on information provided to the Fund by members/employers and workers/employees.

The Fund has not verified the accuracy of this information.

Third parties relying on information about the Fund’s Records do so at their own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, CIRT and the Fund are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of, or connected to, the information contained in the Fund’s Records.

Any member of the Fund’s staff giving information about the Fund’s Records to a person must advise that person of the matters above.

Nominated Staff

For the purposes of this Confidentiality Policy, “Nominated Staff” means staff members of the Fund nominated as Nominated Staff from time to time by the Administrator.

The CEO may terminate the nomination of a staff member as Nominated Staff at any time.

Nominated Staff at the date of revision of this policy are:

  • Staff – Operations Department
  • Counselors – Member Services Department

Changes to Nominated Staff will be notified to Funds Staff when they are made.