What is CIRT?

The Contracting Industry Redundancy Trust (CIRT) is a redundancy trust and a worker entitlement fund operating under the Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) legislation. CIRT was established in 1991 to preserve the redundancy entitlements of workers in the electrical contracting industry. 

CIRT (QLD) PTY LTD ABN  49 011 050 329 is the Trustee of Contracting Industry Redundancy Trust (CIRT) ABN 18 414 343 407 which has equal employer/employee representation consisting of the MEA and the ETU together with an independent Director. The fund is independently administered by Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers.

How Does CIRT Support Employees

The primary role of CIRT is to preserve the redundancy benefits of workers in the electrical construction industry. CIRT is also proud to provide other support opportunities to employees including those outlined below.


CIRT’s primary role is to secure members entitlements in case of genuine redundancies, however CIRT is also able to offer other severance benefits to employee members. These benefits may be available when an employee retires or leaves the industry.

CIRT is proud to be able to offer members tax free redundancy payments. When an employee is terminated for reasons other than genuine redundancy, taxation and waiting periods may apply. More information regarding the severance benefits offered is available on the Severance Benefits page.

Member Assistance Programs

CIRT values the welfare of our members and provides members access to appropriate counselling services 24-hours, seven days per week, 365 days per year through a personalised answering service via a toll-free number at no cost to the either the employee or employer members.

To provide these services to members, CIRT supports the “Mates in Construction” program with counselling services provided by Converge International.

For more information on this service, please visit the Member Assistance Program Page.

Training Assistance and Subsidies (JETCO)

The Joint Electrical Training Council (JETCO) is CIRT’s associated training fund and supports employees to maintain and upgrade their skill within the electrical construction industry by providing subsides to offset training expenses.

JETCO has a range of training subsidies available to employees depending on their time in the fund and the amount contributed by their employees and stipulated in the applicable employment agreement.

For more information on the eligibility rules and subsidies available to employees, please see the JETCO training for employees page.