Welcome to the new CIRT Portal

This system allows employees and employers to access their account information and complete many account functions online 24/7. The CIRT Portal can be accessed through the CIRT Portal cloud icon on each screen.

How to register to access the CIRT Portal

Due to password security and encryption, we have not been able to copy passwords from the previous system across to this new system and we will need to set up a new login for all members.

The CIRT Portal allows for authentication via Google, Facebook, Microsoft or using a CIRT password. If the email address associated with your CIRT account is the same as the email address you use with any of these services, you can login directly using these services. Please note that these services are used for authentication purposes only. No other information is provided to these third parties.

If your email is not registered with any of these services or you do not have an email address registered with your login yet, please contact the CIRT administration team (by phone or email your CIRT ID and date of birth) for assistance setting up your login.

CIRT recommends that you enable two-factor authentication on your account.

System Functionality

There are many functions available to employers and employees through the CIRT Portal with more being added all the time. These features include:


  • Setup new employees and view their current employees
  • View contact details and postal address as well as authorised users
  • View their transaction list showing payments made to CIRT and monthly contribution values
  • View records associated with their employees
  • View previously completed contributions
  • Complete contributions and submit the details to CIRT for processing (Download How To Guide)
  • View details of JETCO Claims which have been submitted
  • Complete Certificates of Employments (Download How To Guide)


  • Edit their address and contact details
  • View a history of their CIRT employments
  • View a history of claims which have been processed
  • View the transactions in their account including payments from employers
  • Submit CIRT claim payment application (Download How To Guide)
  • Submit JETCO claim (Download How To Guide)

CIRT Policies

Use of CIRT online is controlled by the following policies

Internet Privacy Policy         General Privacy Policy            Confidentiality Policy