Approved JETCO Training Courses

To be eligible for a JETCO training subsidy, the course completed must be an approved course. Training courses that are generally considered to be acceptable would be any course relating to the electrical contracting industry.  This may include post trade electrical training, training for electrical contractor’s licences, work site safety training and licence training course. Employees working in the tree clearing industry may also have additional course related to their industry available. 

Other industry provided modules or training relating to the electrical contracting industry may also qualify for reimbursement. 

If you are in any doubt about a specific course you wish to undertake, please contact the JETCO Administrator prior to enrolling. 

Please note that: 

  • JETCO is not able to cover apprenticeship training. 
  • Only genuine, reasonable, individual and market rate training expenses can be subsidised. Other charges including; assessment fees, licence fees, books, credit card charges, GST, etc. cannot be reimbursed.
  • Training courses must be nationally recognised and completed at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). 

While not a complete list, the following are approved courses. If the course you intend to complete is not listed, please send the course details, your CIRT member number and date of birth via email to and we will be able to check and confirm if the course is covered and check your current eligibility

Electrical Training 

  • – Electrical Engineering Course 
  • – Electrical Instrumentation Course 
  • – Telecommunication training 
  • – Photovoltaic installation and maintenance (Solar Panel Installation) 
  • – High voltage switching 
  • – Air conditioning courses 
  • – Project Management Qualification
  • – Construction Wiring
  • – Front Line Management Qualification
  • – Electrical Trade Training
  • – Electrical Installation Inspection and Testing
  • – Electronic Control Systems Specialist
  • – Underground Electrical Services Installation
  • – Restricted Electrical Licence
  • – Fire Protection Systems Training
  • – Programmable Logic Controller Training

Work Site Safety 

  • – Working and heights and EWP courses 
  • – First aid and CPR course 
  • – Low Voltage Switching and Rescue,
  • – Switchboard Rescue and EWP Rescue 
  • – Hazardous Areas Training 
  • – Confined Spaces 
  • – S11 Site induction 
  • – Occupational health and safety 
  • – Asbestos Awareness Training
  • – Electrical Safety Awareness
  • – Safe entry to High Voltage Enclosure
  • – Overhead Line Installation and Safety Awareness
  • – Safely Access Rail Corridor
  • – Radiation Awareness

Licencing Courses 

  • – Forklift training courses 
  • – Trucks drivers licence up to and including HR 
  • – Crane licences up to and including C2 

Electrical Contractors Course

  • – Qualified Technical Person
  • – Qualified Business Person

Vegetation Industry Training 

  • – Pole-top Rescue 
  • – Safe Tree Climbing Techniques 
  • – Vegetation Management Equipment
  • – Horticulture Training 
  • – Environmental Awareness
  • – Asset Inspection and Quality Auditing
  • – Chainsaw Training
  • – Fall Trees
  • – Perform Pruning
  • – Chemical Training
  • – Implement Traffic Management
  • – Bushfire Awareness Training

For further information on eligibility and the training amount  that can be claimed please refer to the Member section or the Employer section.